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Design project

The interior design project development has several stages and includes the following:

  1. Measuring plan with engineering communications connection
  2. Design solution:
    • Premises explication
    • Furniture positioning plan. Functional zones definition
    • List of doorways
    • Consultation on the option and legality of planning agreement
  3. Assembly plans:
    • Partitions and engineering communications disassembly plan
    • Plan of the assembly of the partitions and constructions with marking of window and doorways
  4. Plans of ceilings with the specifications of types of used materials:
    • Connections, sizes, levels and constructions
    • Cornices location
  5. Lighting plans:
    • Plan of lightings and switches location and connection
    • Plan of lightings and switches interaction
  6. Plan of electric equipment and low power networks location:
    • Connection of plugs, electric outputs etc.
    • Connection of power and low power panel
  7. Plans of floor ceiling with the specification of used materials:
    • Floor sections
    • Plan of warn floor and thermal regulators location
  8. Sections of interior design elements
  9. Non standard elements drawings
  10. Plan of sanitary equipment location with connection to inputs
  11. Plan of connection of interior and external conditioning blocks
  12. Reamers of walls surface
  13. Tile location
  14. Recommendations on the selection of design and construction materials, lighting equipment, sanitary-ware etc.
  15. Recommendations on the selection of furniture, household items etc.
  16. Assistance at the agreement of projects in management company
  17. 3D-photorealistic visualization of all premises
  18. Selection of design materials, lighting equipment, sanitary-ware
    • list of design materials
    • list of sanitary-ware
    • list of lighting equipment

Delivery term: 1-2 months.

Stage by stage payment, after performance and agreement of each stage of works with the Client.


The price of design project depends on the premises area.

Area of the object Construction plans 3D Selection of finishing materials Full project
to 100 m2 1300 + 250 + 250 1800 1400 rubles for m2
from 101 m2 to 200 m2 1200 + 250 + 250 1700 1300 rubles for m2
from 201 m2 to 400 m2 1100 + 250 + 250 1600 1200 rubles for m2
from 401 m2 to 600 m2 1000 + 250 + 250 1500 1100 rubles for m2
from 601 m2 to 800 m2 900 + 250 + 250 1400 1000 rubles for m2
from 801 m2 to 1000 m2 850 + 250 + 250 1350 950 rubles for m2
from 1001 m2 800 + 250 + 250 1300 900 rubles for m2
Minimum cost of the contract: 140000 rubles. Advance payment 5000 rubles. At the order of repair - the design-project free of charge. The discount for the full design project is valid until the end of a month.

Discounts and bonuses

We warrant in case of the conclusion of agreement for construction works performance:

  • Complete return of design project during repair final stage.
  • Free consultations of designer during project implementation (designers trips to the unit are paid separately)
  • Free organization of design materials, lighting equipment, sanitary-ware purchases (delivery price is paid separately).

Our works

по данным критериям ничего не найдено

Дизайн премиум класса 4-х комнатной квартиры по адресу ул. Сосновая аллея, д. 1, площадью 167 кв.м.

Дизайн премиум класса дома по адресу МО, д. Глаголево, 500 кв.м.

Дизайн премиум класса 3-х комнатной квартиры по адресу МО, г. Реутов, пр. Юбилейный, д. 51, площадью 273 кв.м.

Дизайн премиум класса 3-х комнатной квартиры по адресу МО, Красногорский р-н, Павшинский бульвар, д. 17, площадью 105 кв.м.



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